Thursday, 4 April 2013

YWAM - Language Course

From 25-29 March we had a 5 day language course at YWAM-base in Blantyre. We went through topics of everyday life, such as greeting, introducing yourselves, food, buying, and meeting people. We dived a bit into grammar although our main emphasis stayed on getting 'meaning' across rather than perfect sentences; understanding and speaking contribute most to the willingness to continue learning. We have worked on various language acquisition tools to make learning fun and not boring. We hope we have challenged the group as well with role-play, home-visits and market-visit. The group did great, and it was amazing what they all picked up in just a week!

 Teaching in the YWAM tent
 Practicing conversation on the market
Learn new words, through trying out tools...
 Playing a Culture Game...experience culture clash!
Communicating is not always easy in another language and using different gestures

Saturday, 15 December 2012

First 5 lessons

In the past 6 weeks we had 5 lessons with a group of 5 people. We used various methods of language learning and talked about a lot of topics. Our language helpers showed us through role-play different scenes, such as greeting, receiving visitors and instructing personnel. I hope our first group has enjoyed the first lessons. We will continue in January after the holidays.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Start Chichewa Course

13 November 2012, Maluwa's first Chichewa course has started in Zomba. We love to make learning Chichewa fun!
I hope to motivate people to get really (re)started. Knowing the basics of Chichewa greatly helps to establish relationships with Malawians...